Deka Lake & District
Ratepayers Association
Deka Lake & District Ratepayers Association A Brief History The Association received its Certificate of Incorporation under the Societies Act of B.C. on December 3, 1987. The signatories on the Application were Ken Newton, Roberta Santick, Gus Collins, Maxine Todhunter, Pat Monger and Sharon Pawlyk, witnessed by Marion Traill The primary purpose was, and still is, to safeguard and promote the common interests of the property owners and residents of our area. The catalyst for the formation, in the summer of 1987, was the planned expansion of the Recreational Boundaries by the CRD to include areas G, H and L in order to raise taxation monies for the Stan Halcro Arena in 100 Mile House. The First Executive, elected in July 1987, were President, Ken Newton, Vice-President, Bill Todhunter, Secretary, Maxine Todhunter, Treasurer, Shirley Santick, and Directors Pat Monger, Gus Collins, Malcolm Penny and Nellie Johnson. In 1989, The Todhunters had left as had Gus Collins and Sharon Pawlyk, Ted Colley, John Loshuk, Jim Dunne and Erm Santick joined the Executive. Issues addressed were, and continue to be, those raised by our Members (or area citizens), ones felt by the Executive to be of importance to our area, or responses to proposals by any and all levels of Government that have a direct impact on our Community. Some of those have been the preservation of our Lakes eco-system and water quality, Septic systems, siltation of the Deka channel, Lake Accesses, free range Cattle, unsightly premises. and, of course, our Roads. Through the Association, two Community Groups arose. Citizens on Patrol (COP) was started in 1999, spearheaded by Jimmy Dunne and Werner Marx as a result of several incidents of vandalism and of break & enter. The perceived need for a Community Centre and Park arose in 1999, and in 2000, Mountain Spruce Community Centre Society was formed by Ray McManus and Roy Tomlinson. Over the years, many of our Citizens have stepped forward to serve on the Executive. Following Ken Newton, our Presidents have been Les Andrew 1990-1992, Malcolm Penny 1992-1993, Larry Streifel 1993-1994, Virginia DeBruyn 1994-1996, Werner Marx 1996-1997 & again 2001-2004, Harv Allen 1997- 2001, Gus Collins 2004-2005, Hank Hackett 2005-2011, Al Martin, V-Pres who stepped up in 2011-2013.
Deka Lake and District Ratepayers Association Executive 2020 Marty M - President Stephan R - Vice President Lorna W - Treasurer Chris M - Secretary Sandy Amy - Director Kerrie L - Director Jane M - Director Peter P - Director Chris S - Director Ken S - Director David S - Director Richard S - Director Marcel M - Director Sandy J - Director